Is there a report that shows slow/non-moving stock items?

There is no report available for this in the software but we do have a SQL query available for it.  This report is based on a "from date" so it will need to be altered for your particular circumstance.  This query will show you any stock items that have had no transactions after the date that you specify in the query.

To run it, go to (Utilities > Database Queries) in the software and copy/paste the following into the SQL box:

select * from item where (select first 1 itemh.itemcode from itemh where itemh.dat_ > :DATE and itemh.itemcode = item.itemcode and TYPES in ('POREC', 'ISSUE', 'JOBREC', 'PICK')) is null and ITEMSTATUS = 'Active'

After pasting it, change the date to whatever "from date" you'd like.  Be sure to keep the single quotes around the date.  Then, click OK and the report should populate.