Can the Inventory Value report be run by location?

The Inventory Value report cannot provide a theoretical Book Value by location because DBA doesn't really track Book Value by location. The problem occurs, because the Book Value is determined from individual transactions with an actual cost whereas Units * Inv Cost is determined by an average cost across time.

An extremely simple example would be that you have 5 onhand at location A and their value is $25 total ($5 each). You pick 4 so your Book Value transaction is $20. This leaves 1 qty @ $5 remaining in A. You then receive 10 qty @ $10 to Location B. Your Book value at Location A is still $5, because that is the remainder of the receipt (not pick) transaction of bringing 5 qty @ $5, but your Qty * Inv Cost will be 1 qty @ $9.xx.

That said, the system *can* at least show you qty by location and the overall inventory cost of that item. You can do this by going to (Inventory > Data Views > Stock On Hand > 'View' button > 'Item by Location' option > 'Load' button). Then, click the 'Customize' button and drag the 'Inv Cost' column from the Customize box over to the spreadsheet.

If you choose to, you can then use the 'Output' button to export this data to Excel. In Excel, you can then apply some sort of multiplication between the location qty column and the inv cost columns. We do not offer this in the software because it is too easily confused with Book Value by location.