Payroll is an independent application that has no direct link or reconciliation requirement with job hours in DBA.  Job hours are entered in DBA and can be a mix of standard hours, actual hours, and multi-job hours, all of which are costed at work center hourly rates.  Payroll hours are entered strictly for time and attendance purposes and are costed at employee wage rates.  Payroll hours are not to be reconciled in any way with job hours.  

The only information DBA uses from payroll is your total cost for direct labor – including wages, taxes, and benefits – which is used by the Shop Rates screen to generate a calculated shop rate for direct labor.  If you do not already isolate direct labor costs from those of non-labor employees or contractors, you must restructure the account assignments within your payroll system to post direct labor costs to their own accounts.  See chapter 4 for details.