It is not possible or desirable to replicate cost and profit reports from a previous system in DBA because absorption costing totally changes the inputs from which costs are derived.  It is also highly probable that your reports were of dubious accuracy and analytical value due to the workarounds that are required to simulate WIP costs.  

Here are some reports in DBA that can replace your old cost and profit reports with more accurate and useful information:  

  • The cost of goods sold transactions that flow to the Income Statement are derived from invoice line items with accurate inventory costs that reflect absorbed labor, subcontract services, and overhead.  This yields accurate gross margins at the item category or customer type level.  Absorbed costs are offset by actual costs to provide an accurate overall gross profit margin.
  • The Sales Order Invoices data view enables you to assess profit margins by customer and by item.  
  • The Profit Margin by Item report enables you to assess and rank profit margins by product.  
  • The Profit Margin by Customer report enables you to assess and rank profit margins by customer.       
  • The Base Prices & Costs report enables you to assess margins relative to selling price.