Backflushing job components after the fact at time of job finish is the biggest source of inventory problems.  You can experience a dramatic and rapid improvement in your inventory control system simply by issuing material to jobs in real time.  

Backflushing is mostly done out of habit.  Companies that come to DBA from a light manufacturing system are accustomed to backflushing because it is the only means by which assembly build inventory gets updated.  In DBA, however, job processes are time-phased and there is no reason to delay any process updating, which defeats the purpose of shop control.  

There is no screen entry time to be saved with backflushing because job issue transactions are identical whether done in real time or at job finish.  It is always easier and more accurate for the person doing the issuing to enter transactions at the time they occur, compared to the errors that can easily be made when transactions are entered hours or even days later, often by someone who did not do the issuing.  

Issue material in real time and your location stock quantities will always be accurate, which facilitates stock counts, stock transfers, job issues, and order picking.