DBA includes the following features that can be incorporated into your ECO management procedures.    


Revision Control 

Separate BOM specifications are stored against current, pending, and archived revisions so that you can plan and track significant product changes by revision.  You can use a pending revision to plan for the next product version without affecting the current production version.  Unlimited notes can be entered against each revision for documentation purposes. 

Activity Notes 

Activity notes can be entered against BOM parents to establish reminder dates for future events such as a scheduled revision change.  To enter an activity note, go to the Stock Items screen and click the Note button.  When you click New in the Activity Notes screen, the Item ID is inserted into the activity note Reference field.  


Linked Documents 

You can attach multiple documents to any item, including engineering diagrams and specifications.  Engineering drawings can be coordinated to correspond with progressive BOM revisions.  Drawings associated with the current revision can be flagged for job linking, while drawings for pending and archived revisions can remain attached for reference, but not flagged for job linking.  Consider using a drawing naming convention that coordinates drawing numbers with revision names.