DBA is a self-contained system

DBA is a self-contained sales, production, inventory and accounting system that cannot be used in bits or pieces.  Bypassing any core processes or duplicating processes in your accounting system should absolutely be avoided because of inevitable harmful consequences.  

Do not create duplicate invoices in your accounting system

In particular, do not bypass standard financial transfer processes in order to create duplicate invoices in your accounting system.  It is an absolute requirement that detailed invoices are generated exclusively in DBA.  Parallel invoicing is a quagmire of data integrity complications involving part numbers, sales accounts, COGS accounts, clearing accounts, tax processing, inventory updating, cost of sales, sales history, and invoice reversals.


Parallel systems are unsupportable

In support we see the harmful consequences of parallel invoicing and inventory systems all the time and they are without exception a complete mess and an accounting nightmare.  Parallel systems are unsupportable, which is a shame because the standard financial transfers provide a totally clean separation of accounting processes between the two systems with proper audit trails that ensure data integrity.


If you get approached by a third party:

If you get approached by a third party who offers so called “integration” tools to create detailed invoices in your accounting system, resist the temptation because it is harmful to the integrity of your overall accounting.


Each accounting system should be self-contained

The great benefit of our financial transfer design is that each accounting system is self-contained without duplicate or overlapping processes to muddle and complicate things.


Benefit from our experience

We have a great deal of experience with these issues and it is absolutely essential that DBA exclusively handles all your sales and manufacturing accounting processes and your outside system exclusively handles all your financial accounting processes.  Duplicate, overlapping, or parallel processes can have disastrous consequences to the integrity of your overall accounting and are completely unnecessary.